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Ruckus 901-3025-UN00 Zone Director ZD3025 with 25 AP Licenses

Condition : Reconditioned

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Empower your network with Ruckus ZD3025 zone director is the epitome of seamless connectivity and enhanced redundancy. The Ruckus 901-3025-UN00 Zone Director ZD3025 is an enterprise-grade network controller designed to support up to 25 access points. Robust and reliable, this device comes with rack ears for easy installation in your server room or data center. With a power cord included, the Zone Director ZD3025 lets you manage your wireless network with confidence and ease. The operating system is intuitive yet powerful, allowing you to configure settings such as guest access accounts, traffic shaping policies, and VLANs with precision. In addition to its impressive feature set, the Ruckus Zone Director ZD3025 offers redundancy capabilities that ensure uninterrupted service even if one of the controllers fails. Whether you're deploying new APs or upgrading existing ones, the Ruckus Zone Director ZD3025 model number has everything you need for seamless control over your wireless eco-system.

Tech Specs

  • Provides superior network management capabilities for up to 25 access points
  • Redundancy features ensure uninterrupted service in case of hardware failure or maintenance needs
  • Comes with Rack Ears and Power Cord Included
  • Good operating system and works well
  • No additional Ruckus services or support with this unit
  • Model Number - 901-3025-UN00
  • Reconditioned by with a 365 Day Warranty to end user customers
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