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NEW Arista QSFP-40G-XSR4 40GB BASE-XSR4 850nm Short Reach MMF QSFP+ Transceiver

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About the Product

Unlock the power of seamless connectivity with Aristas cutting-edge optical switch transceivers. Elevate your network performance to unprecedented heights

Imagine having the power to effortlessly connect and communicate, bridging distances with ease. Introducing our remarkable QSFP-40G-XSR4 Optical Transceiver - a gateway to an advanced world of seamless networking. With its impressive 300 m (OM3) or 400 m (OM4) cable distance capabilities, this state-of-the-art transceiver operates at an 850 nm wavelength, making it a true game-changer in the realm of connectivity. Delve into elevated realms of productivity and efficiency as you unlock the potential of your Arista switch like never before. Our QSFP-40G-XSR4 is meticulously designed, boasting unparalleled performance and reliability that will undoubtedly impress even the most discerning tech enthusiasts.

Tech Specs

*300m (OM3), 400m (OM4) Cable Distance
*850nm Wavelength
*Model Number- QSFP-40G-XSR4
*New with a 365 Day Warranty to Enduser Customers

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