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NEW Cisco N2K-C2248-FAN-B Nexus 2000 Front-to-Back Airflow Switch Fan Module

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About the Product

Unleash the power of connectivity with our cutting-edge Cisco N2K Nexus Switch, revolutionizing your network infrastructure.

Introducing the innovative Front-to-Back Airflow (Port Side Intake) for Cisco Nexus 2224TP, 2248TP, and 2248TP-E Switches! Elevate your networking experience with this cutting-edge product that is meticulously designed to optimize air circulation within your system. Crafted by industry-leading experts at Cisco, the N2K-C2248-FAN-B model boasts an impressive array of features that will leave tech enthusiasts in awe. Imagine being able to seamlessly manage multiple data streams while ensuring maximum cooling efficiency for your network infrastructure. With our Front-to-Back Airflow (Port Side Intake), you'll witness a significant improvement in heat dissipation, resulting in enhanced performance and prolonged hardware lifespan – perfect for any demanding environment. Consider this scenario: You're a forward-thinking IT professional tasked with maintaining an extensive network setup for a growing company. As traffic surges through various switches and routers, it's crucial to have a reliable ventilation solution that keeps everything operating smoothly without compromising on speed or security.

Tech Specs

*Front-to-Back Airflow (Port Side Intake)
*Cisco Nexus 2224TP, 2248TP, and 2248TP-E Switches
*Model Number -N2K-C2248-FAN-B
*New with a 365 Day Warranty to Enduser Customers

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