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New Aruba HPE JL557A 2930F 48-Port PoE+ Switch

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About the Product

Empower your network with the new Aruba HPE Switch and unleash unparalleled connectivity and performance. The new Aruba HPE JL557A 2930F Switch is an advanced networking device crafted with powerful features that cater to the needs of modern businesses. This switch comes fitted with cutting-edge technology that enables it to deliver top-notch performance, optimized security, and unparalleled scalability. With 48 x 1GbE PoE+ network ports and 4 x 1GE SFP uplink ports, this switch makes it easy for IT administrators to scale their networks securely without worrying about power constraints.

In addition to its robust feature set, the new Aruba HPE JL557A switch also boasts management ports which make configuration and management a breeze. The device's intuitive web interface allows users to monitor port activity in real-time while keeping tabs on network-wide performance statistics all from a single dashboard. Furthermore, this switch offers an impressive PoE+ budget of up to 740W, ensuring maximum uptime even in high-density environments where multiple devices are drawing power at once. Overall, the new Aruba HPE JL557A switch delivers optimal functionality and reliability essential for your business operations. As connectivity becomes increasingly critical in today's world, having a reliable networking solution has never been more crucial than now.

Investing in this new Aruba HPE JL557A switch can significantly enhance your organization's productivity by providing fast data transfer speeds along with exceptional levels of efficiency at all times regardless of usage spikes or increased traffic demands on your network infrastructure.

Tech Specs

* Offers high-speed connectivity
* Provides flexibility for expanding your network
* Allow for easy configuration and monitoring of the switch
* Supports power-hungry devices such as IP cameras and wireless access points
* 48 x 1GbE PoE+ Network Ports
* 4 x 1GE SFP Uplink Ports
* 1 x Dual-Personality Serial Console Management Ports
* 1 x Internal AC Power Supply Included
* 740W PoE+ PoE
* 1 x Power Cord Included
* 1RU Rack Mount Hardware Included
* Model Number - JL557A
* New with a 365 Day Warranty to end user customers

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