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New Aruba HPE JL319A 2930M Series 20-Port Managed Switch

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About the Product

Unlock the full potential of your network with the Aruba HPE JL319A 2930M Series switch. The Aruba HPE JL319A 2930M Series Switch is a high-performance Ethernet switch designed to cater to demanding enterprise environments.

It boasts 20 x 1GE network ports and four SFP uplink ports, enabling it to handle numerous data-intensive tasks without any issues. But that's not all - this powerhouse also comes with dual-personality serial console and out-of-band management ports, making it highly convenient for administrators who need quick access to critical systems. And if that isn't enough, the stacking module slot allows you to stack multiple switches together seamlessly, improving scalability while reducing complexity. With these features working together in perfect harmony, the Aruba HPE JL319A is an investment towards enhancing your network capacity.

Whether you're looking for enhanced performance or added security features such as ACLs (Access Control Lists) and secure management interfaces, the Aruba HPE JL319A has your back. So why wait? Bring home this powerful switch today and experience seamless connectivity like never before.

Tech Specs

* Offers high-speed connectivity
* Provides flexible configuration options
* Allows for easy scalability to meet growing business needs without compromising performance or reliability
* Ensures secure data transfer across your network infrastructure
* 20 x 1GE Network Ports
* 4 x 1GE SFP Uplink Ports
* 1 x Dual Personality Serial Console port
* 1 x USB Type-B port
* 1 x Out of Band Management port
* 1 x Stacking Module Slot - Module (JL325A) available to order separately
* 1 x Expansion Module Slot - Module available to order separately
* 1 x Power Supply (JL085A) Included - 2 x PSU Slots, 2nd available to order separately
* 1 x Power Cord Included
* 1RU Rack Mount Hardware Included
* Model Number - JL319A
* New with a 365 Day Warranty to end user customers

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