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New HPE JD063B 1GB BASE-LH70 LC optical SFP transceiver

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About the Product

Maximize Connectivity: HPE JD063B Transceiver - Your 1 GB Gateway to Unmatched Network Performance.

Imagine a world where your data flows with the precision of light, traversing great distances without a hitch. The New HPE JD063B 1 GB BASE-LH SFP Transceiver is the key to unlocking that realm. With its powerful 1550 nm wavelength and Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) compatibility, this transceiver boasts an impressive ability to maintain integrity over a span of up to 70 kilometers—your connectivity concerns just evaporated into thin air. Deploy this marvel in scenarios such as linking distant branch offices with headquarters, ensuring seamless communication across vast campuses or industrial zones.

Tech Specs

*SFP Transceiver
*1550nm Wavelength
*70 km Cable Distance
*1 Gigabit BASE-LH
*Model Number- JD063B
*Part Number- JD063B, JD063B#0D1, JD063BR
*New with a 365 Day Warranty to Enduser Customers

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