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Arista DCS-7500E-12CM-LC 7500E Series 12-Port Switch Line Card

Condition : Reconditioned

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About the Product

Power up your network with the Arista 7500 Series Switch Line Card, featuring lightning-fast 100GE speeds and connectivity.

Upgrade your network with the Arista DCS-7500E-12CM-LC 7500E Series 12 x 100GE MTP/MPH Switch Line Card. Designed for high-performance data centers and cloud networks, this line card provides exceptional speed and scalability with its 12 x 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports. With MTP/MPH connectors, it seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure while providing next-generation capabilities.

The Arista 7500 Series line card is known for setting industry standards in performance and reliability, making it a top choice among IT professionals worldwide. Get ahead of the game with the DCS-7500E-12CM-LC and experience lightning-fast connectivity like never before.

Tech Specs

* Ensures faster data transfer and improved network performance
* Designed to provide superior reliability and scalability for large scale data center networks
* Affordable option for businesses looking to upgrade their network infrastructure
* Offers advanced features such as virtualization support and cloud networking capabilities
* 12 x 100GE MTP/MPO Network Ports
* Made for Arista 7500 Modular Switch Series
* Model Number - DCS-7500E-12CM-LC
* Reconditioned by with a 365 Day Warranty to end user customers

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