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NEW Cisco CISCO1921/K9 ISR 1900 2x 1GE 2x Open EHWIC Slot Router

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About the Product

Empower Your Networks Potential with Cisco 1900 - Speed, Security, and Sophistication Redefined.

Imagine orchestrating your digital world with the precision of a maestro, where every byte and data packet glides harmoniously through the veins of your network. The CISCO1921/K9 is not merely a router; it's an emblem of technological mastery from Cisco’s esteemed 1900 series, designed to elevate connectivity into an art form. With dual Gigabit Ethernet ports at its core, this device sets the bar for robustness in data transfer capability—capable of propelling information at speeds that can make even time seem sluggish. Crafted with diligence to provide two Open Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Card slots for unparalleled expandability—as if foreseeing your future needs—it also boasts intuitive management features via serial console and additional auxiliary ports. Ensconced wit512 MBre 512MB D256 MBnd 256MB Flash memory capacities, ensuring silky-smooth operations without a hint of hesitation.

Tech Specs

*2x 1GE Network Ports
*1x Serial Console, 1x AUX Management Ports
*2x Open EHWIC, 1x USB Console
*256MB Flash
*AC Internal Power Supply Included
*Rack Mount Hardware Included- 1RU
*Model Number - CISCO1921/K9
*Part Number- CISCO1921/K9, CISCO1921/K9=, CISCO1921/K9-RF
*New with a 365 Day Warranty to Enduser Customers

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