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Cisco AIR-CT8510-HA-K9 8500 Series Wireless LAN Controller

Condition : Reconditioned

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Original price $6,015.99
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Current price $4,939.99
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About the Product

Unleash Unrivaled Connectivity - Cisco 8510 Controller: The Pinnacle of Wireless Precision.

Embark upon a seamless digital odyssey with the reconditioned Cisco AIR-CT8510-HA-K9 Wireless Controller, meticulously revived and rigorously tested by the esteemed NetworkEquipment.net for an entire year of assured performance. Imagine this technological marvel as your silent sentinel, orchestrating wireless connectivity with unparalleled precision across your enterprise domain—a product that's not merely refurbished but reborn to elevate connectivity to new heights. Let me paint you a picture where every byte and bit dances harmoniously under its vigilant watch: Your vital video conference proceeds without a hitch, immune to the dreaded specter of dropped connections—this is no mere fantasy; clients report up to 99.99% uptime after integrating our controller into their robust networks.

Tech Specs

*Model Number-AIR-CT8510-HA-K9
*Reconditioned by -NetworkEquipment.net- with a 365 Day Warranty to Enduser Customers

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