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Cisco AIR-ACC1530-PMK2 Cisco Pole Mount Kit for AP1530 Series Access Points

Condition : Reconditioned

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About the Product

Seamless Connectivity, Elevated: Cisco Access Point Brackets - Your Wireless World, Unbounded.

Imagine having the power to elevate your wireless experience, seamlessly integrating technology into the very fabric of your space. This pioneering wall/pole mount bracket, a veritable testament to technological innovation, remains ensconced in its original factory seal; untouched by time and ready for deployment. Tailor-made with precision for Cisco 1530 and 1560 access points, it boasts an ingenious tilt mechanism that allows you to adjust and optimize signal reach with unmatched ease. Consider this: A quaint café owner seeking to provide patrons with impeccable internet connectivity as they sip their morning brew can trust in this robust accessory's reliability.

Tech Specs

*New, Factory Sealed
*Wall/Pole mount bracket with tilt mechanism
*Made for Cisco 1530 and 1560 access points

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