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NEW Cisco ASR1000-RP2 ASR 1000 Series 8GB DRAM Route Processor 2 Router Module

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About the Product

Unlock the power of connectivity with our cutting-edge Cisco ASR router, delivering 1000 possibilities for seamless networking.

Introducing the extraordinary Cisco ASR1000-RP2 Router, a true marvel of innovation and performance. This exquisite piece of technology boasts an impressive array of features that are sure to captivate any networking enthusiast or business owner in need of reliable connectivity. With 1x 1GE Network Ports, 1x FE Management, 1x Console, 1x AUX, and even 2x USB Management Ports for maximum flexibility and convenience. Equipped with a powerful combination of cutting-edge hardware including an astonishingly fast 8 GB DRAM, this router is designed to meet the demands of even the most data-intensive applications. Imagine being able to seamlessly manage your network infrastructure with unparalleled ease and efficiency. The Cisco ASR1000-RP2 Router empowers you to take control over your network like never before, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through complex configurations while enjoying lightning-fast speeds and unmatched reliability. Whether you're running a small business that relies on uninterrupted online services or seeking professional-grade equipment for advanced enterprise solutions, this remarkable router will undoubtedly elevate your networking experience.

Tech Specs

*1x 1GE Network Ports
*1x FE Management, 1x Console, 1x AUX, 2x USB *Management Ports
*Cisco IOS Advanced Enterprise Services Required- Not *Included
*Made for Cisco ASR 1000 Series
*Model Number - ASR1000-RP2
*New with a 365 Day Warranty to Enduser Customers

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