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Arista FAN-7000-F Front to Back Airflow Switch Fan Module

Condition : Reconditioned

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About the Product

Revive your systems cooling with the compatible and reconditioned Arista FAN-7000-F fan module delivering efficient front-to-back airflow.

The Arista FAN-7000-F Front to Back Airflow Switch Fan Module is an engineering marvel that guarantees seamless data center operation. Designed with front-to-back airflow, this fan module ensures efficient cooling of your network equipment at all times. The compatibility of this module is guaranteed to work seamlessly with other Arista networking products.

As a reconditioned product, you can trust the reliability and durability of this switch fan module for all your network needs without breaking the bank.

Tech Specs

* Ensures optimal cooling and prevents equipment overheating
* Ideal solution for businesses looking to upgrade their infrastructure
* Offers reliable performance and durability at a fraction of the cost
* Provides excellent value without sacrificing quality or functionality
* 1 x Fan with Front-to-Back Airflow
* Compatible with Arista 7124SX, 7050 and 7048-A switch series
* Model Number - FAN-7000-F
* Reconditioned by with a 365 Day Warranty to end user customers

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