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NEW HPE AF567A C13 - SABS-164 ZA 250V 10Amp 2.5m Power Cord

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About the Product

Empower Your Tech with HPE: Unmatched Reliability in a Cord, Tailored for Optimal Performance.

Discover the quintessential companion for your HPE server ecosystem: the AF567A power cord—a veritable lifeline, ensuring a seamless and steadfast connection to vital energy sources. Imagine an accessory crafted with precision, featuring a robust C13 input connector linked harmoniously to the SABS-164 output connector—each component meticulously designed to accommodate an impressive 250V input voltage with unwavering efficiency. Envision this majestic 2.5-meter conduit as more than just a cable; it's the silent sentinel standing guard over your data’s sanctuary, delivering up to 10 Amps of unyielding power precisely where it's needed most. With its specialized ZA localization, there is no question that this is an essential piece tailored specifically for South African standards.

Tech Specs

*C13 Input Connector
*SABS-164 Output Connector
*2.5m Cable Length
*Made for HPE Servers
*250V Input Voltage
*ZA Localization
*Model Number- AF567A
*Part Number- AF567A
*New with a 365 Day Warranty to Enduser Customers

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