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Used 52 Port Netgear ProSAFE Switch

This 52 Port Netgear ProSAFE switch is the perfect networking solution for your home or business. With fast speeds, it provides you with a reliable, secure, and efficient way to connect all of your network devices. With its powerful performance and easy installation, this switch is the ideal choice for your network infrastructure. Expand your small business or larger corporate networks easily with this used Netgear ProSAFE switch today.

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  • Original price $445.00 - Original price $445.00
    Original price
    $445.00 - $445.00
    Current price $445.00

    Netgear ProSAFE GS752TXS 52-Port Stackable Smart Switch

    In stock

    The Netgear ProSAFE GS752TXS Smart Switch is a reconditioned 52-port, stackable Gigabit Ethernet switch that enables easy and cost-effective deploy...

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    Original price $445.00 - Original price $445.00
    Original price
    $445.00 - $445.00
    Current price $445.00

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