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20-Port Fortinet Switches

Get 20-Port Fortinet switches with exceptional performance, security, and flexibility for your enterprise network. 

Choose from new in box or budget-friendly reconditioned switches to find what your network needs. All of the reconditioned switches are preowned/used hardware that have been fully tested and refurbished to ensure top quality standards with every purchase. 

Find your 20-Port FortiSwitch today or contact us to get the network switch you need.

  • Original price $300.00 - Original price $300.00
    Original price
    $300.00 - $300.00
    Current price $300.00

    Fortinet FortiSwitch FS-224D-POE 20-Port GbE PoE Switch

    In stock

    This reconditioned Fortinet FortiSwitch Secure Access FS-224D-POE provides top quality management, performance, and security for your enterprise n...

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    Original price $300.00 - Original price $300.00
    Original price
    $300.00 - $300.00
    Current price $300.00

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