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Juniper EX-PWR-190-DC 190W DC Power Supply

Condition : Reconditioned

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About the Product

Empower your network with the Juniper EX-PWR-190-DC redundant power supply. The Juniper EX-PWR-190-DC 190 W DC power supply is the epitome of efficient power management systems for high-performance networking equipment.

This device boasts a remarkable power capacity of up to 190 watts and supports hot plug operations, making it easy and safe to replace without compromising the performance of your network. With its redundant design, you can rest assured that your system will remain operational in case one supply unit fails. The EX-PWR-190-DC ensures seamless compatibility with other networking devices from the same line while providing reliable operation without interruptions or downtime.

Overall, this power supply device represents an excellent investment for businesses that rely on dependable network infrastructures with minimal maintenance requirements.

Tech Specs

* 190-Watt Power Capacity
* Hot plug / redundant
* Model Number - EX-PWR-190-DC
* Reconditioned by with a 365 Day Warranty to end-user customers

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