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Fortinet FG-200E 14x 1GE LAN 2x 1GE WAN Firewall

Condition : Reconditioned

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About the Product

Fortify Your Digital Frontier with Fortinets Unyielding Firewall Defense.

Imagine a digital fortress, an impregnable bulwark shielding your virtual boundaries—this is the essence encapsulated in the FG-200E model by Fortinet, meticulously reconditioned by NetworkEquipment.net. As you integrate this robust firewall into your network infrastructure, be it for an intricate production environment or a contemplative learning lab, you are commanding a device that exceeds industry norms with its hardened security features and stalwart performance. Conjure up the image of seamless data flow through 14 gigabit Ethernet LAN ports while connectivity expands across dual WAN interfaces—all orchestrated through this singular unit. With four additional SFP ports at your disposal, versatility becomes second nature as you adapt to varying network topologies like an IT maestro.

Tech Specs

*Please read the Warranty section below for more details
*Great for Router, Switch,VPN Function in Production or a Learning Lab
*Hardware Only .... No Services or Support Contract Offered
*Rackmounts and Power cord included
*Reset Back To Factory Default and has good OS on it
*14x 1GE LAN, 2x 1 GE WAN Ports
*4x 1GE SFP Ports
*1x Console, 1x USB 2.0 - Type A, 2x Management Ports
*1x Internal Power Supply
*Model Number- FG-200E
*Reconditioned by -NetworkEquipment.net- with a 365 Day Warranty to Enduser Customers

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365 Day Warranty To Enduser Customers

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