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Dell 44GNF PERC H730 1GB PCIe 3.0 x8 Low Profile Mini Mono Raid Controller

Condition : Reconditioned

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About the Product

Unlock the full potential of your Dell PowerEdge with our cutting-edge controllers, delivering unrivaled performance and unbeatable reliability

Introducing the cutting-edge SATA 6Gb/s/SAS 12Gb/s 36-pin 4x Mini SAS controller, expertly crafted to elevate your Dell PowerEdge servers. This PCIe 3.0 x8 wonder boasts an astounding data transfer rate of a whopping 1.2 GB/s and a massive buffer size of 1 GB, guaranteeing lightning-fast performance while effortlessly managing your RAID configurations (including RAID levels: 0,1,5,6,10,50,and60). With its impressive compatibility with the mighty Dell PowerEdge models such as C4130 R230 R630 R930 T130 T330 T430 T630 Servers; this controller is more than just an upgrade - it becomes an essential partner in unleashing the true potential of your server infrastructure. Imagine soaring through complex tasks seamlessly without any lags or bottlenecks – that's exactly what this powerful controller brings to the table. Streamlined file transfers become a breeze as you harness its incredible data transfer capabilities.

Tech Specs

*SATA 6Gb/s/SAS 12Gb/s 36-pin 4x Mini SAS
*RAID 0 1 5 6 10 50 60
*PCIe 3.0 x8
*1.2GB/s Data Transfer Rate
*1GB Buffer Size
*255 Max Storage Device Quantity
*Made for Dell PowerEdge 2500 C4130 R230 R630 R930 *T130 T330 T330 T430 T630 Servers
*Model Number- 44GNF
*Part Number- 44GNF
*Reconditioned by -NetworkEquipment.net- with a 365 Day Warranty to Enduser Customers

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