What is VoIP?

Jan. 18th, 2013 by Hal Stevens CEO

First of all, let’s find out what it means. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also known as IP Telephony or Internet Telephony. It is another way of making phone calls, with the difference of making the calls cheaper.
VoIP has major benefits over the traditional phone system. The main reason people are so massively migrating to VoIP technology is the cost. There are many ways of using this technology. It all really depends on how and where you will be making the calls. It could be at home, at work, in your corporate network, during a travel, and even on the beach. The way you make calls varies with the service that you use.
The great thing about VoIP is that it taps further value from the already present infrastructure without additional costs. VoIP transmits your voice over the standard internet infrastructure, using IP Protocol. That is how you can communicate without paying more than your monthly internet bill. Skype is the most popular example of this service that allows you to make free calls on your PC.
The growth of VoIP today can be compared to that of the Internet in the early 90’s. The public is getting more and more conscious of the advantages they can reap from VoIP at home or in their businesses. VoIP which not only gives facilities and allows people to save, but also generating huge income for those who dove early into the new phenomenon.
Now that you know what VoIP is you can start looking into which phones you would rather use for your network. We have Cisco Phone Systems for sale at all times, like the Cisco Unified IP CP-7961G or the Cisco Unified IP CP-7940G Phone Systems. To learn more about phone systems please consult this previous article to walk you through everything that you will need to get your VoIP Phone System up and running.


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